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TDD with Elixir and Neovim

I had pretty good mileage with mix-test.watch, but recently it hasn’t been working for me. There also seems to be some issues using it with Phoenix. I searched for another test runner but couldn’t seem to find one.

In an effort to make use of Neovim’s terminal editor and solve my testing problem, I decided to ditch my typical tmux workflow. I wrote up a simple vim binding to run my tests in a :vsplit window.

nnoremap <Leader>r <C-w>l<Insert>clear<CR>mix test<CR><C-\><C-n><C-w>h

This will bind the leader key + ‘r’ to switch to the right split, clear the screen, run mix test, and return to the left split.

This isn’t ideal and could use a bit of improvement, but it’s good to switch things up occasionally.

UPDATE: I switched it up and now resort to opening a new vsplit for tests

nnoremap <Leader>r :vsplit<CR>:term mix test<CR>

UPDATE #2: I pity the fool

MrT works wonderfully for keeping that feedback loop tight. The structure is a bit rigid at the moment. It currently will not run tests for a module unless the file names match, e.g. something.ex and something_test.exs. I keep it running and still fire off single tests using neoterm.