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Hex Dependencies via Vimscript

I found myself, in (neo)vim as always, adding a library to mix.exs. I wasn’t sure of the current version of said package, so I reached for a browser to check. I’m not sure why, but it felt so inefficient.

The first thing I did was check the mix hex command. Turns out theres a mix hex.info [pkg] command that spits out some useful information about a given hex package. One of the details returned is the very handy configuration line for mix.exs.

Ding! I’ll just use that!

function! GetHexPkgConfig(pkg)
  let @1 = system("mix hex.info " . a:pkg . " | grep 'Config:' | awk '{ print $2,$3,$4 }'")
  normal "1p==

command! -nargs=1 HexC call GetHexPkgConfig("<args>")

nnoremap <Leader>hc :HexC

If you don’t grok vimscript, no worries, I barely do. The above snippet creates a HexC Ex command that takes an argument for the package name. The command calls the defined function which snags the config line from the mix hex.info command and pastes it into the buffer.

The real work comes from grep and awk. We use grep to snag the line that contains ‘Config:’ and awk to pull out the columns that we need.