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Git Interactive

When you’re working on a project it can be easy to get carried away and start making changes to multiple files without committing. This occasionally happens to me when I’m working on a Rails project. While working on a feature I’ll notice a bug, quickly fix it, then go back to the feature I was working on. This happens a few times and then I realize that I haven’t commit any changes to the branch.

This is where git’s interactive staging really comes in handy. Instead of manually adding and patching files, ‘git add -i’ will take you through the process of staging.

*** Commands ***
  1: status       2: update       3: revert       4: add untracked
  5: patch        6: diff         7: quit         8: help
What now>

The menu is pretty intuitive. Check the status with 1, add new files with 4 and patch chunks with 5. Go ahead and read more about this nifty feature here.