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Focused Splits

Tmux and vim have been integral to my development practices for about a year now. One of my favorite vim settings is this little bit here.

set winwidth=84
set winheight=5
set winminheight=5
set winheight=999

This will auto-resize vim splits to maximize the viewing area of the current pane. I find this really helpful for switching back and forth between multiple files when I don’t need to see the contents of each one at the same time. If I happen to need to see the contents of two files at the same time I’ll usually just open up a tmux pane.

I can’t exactly remember where I found this, but I think it was from Ben Orenstein of thoughtbot. A quick search finds many .vimrc files with these settings. It was thoughtbot, however, who introduced me to the amazing ability to use the same key binding to jump between vim/tmux panes. I highly recommend checking it out.